Nora Fatehi is a Canadian actress, model, dancer, singer, and producer who is predominantly known for her work in the Indian film industry

Fatehi is of Moroccan descent. She was born and raised in Canada. She studied political science and international studies

Fatehi began her career by appearing in Hindi film Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans.

She became famous for her skills in belly dance, which she picked up by watching online videos during her younger days

Nora speaks Arabic and French fluently, although English is her first language

She visits the gym regularly and maintains a perfect figure. She loves traveling and reading.

Nora Fatehi became famous for her glamorous looks and distinctive style. She is an accomplished dancer and a master in belly dance

She created a sensation with her belly dance in the recreation of the 1990 song ‘Dilbar.’ The song gained 20 million “views” on ‘You Tube’ within 24 hours of being released. .’

She is also proficient in acrobatics and mixed martial arts, which she learnt on her own.

she is one of the most sought after dancer in the indian film industries and gaining attention all over world

She is very kind hearted and Eually dedicated for  her passion of Dance , that is why gaining so much popularity